IPC – overview

The previous post commented on the scale of the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary.  It’s actually all a bit overwhelming.  The papers cover every imaginable topic related directly or indirectly to pipeline engineering, although some themes attract a lot more papers than others.  Fourteen parallel tracks:

  • Production pipelines
  • Project management
  • Design and construction
  • Environment
  • GIS/Database management
  • Facilities integrity management
  • Pipeline integrity management (a very big track)
  • Materials and joining (another very big track)
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Pipeline automation and measurement
  • Pipelining in northern and offshore environments
  • Strain-based design
  • Risk and reliability
  • Standards and regulations

My main interests are risk and safety related topics, which don’t all fit neatly under the “Risk & reliability” track so I sample quite a few of the tracks.

It’s quite an exercise each night planning an itinerary for the next day that includes as much as possible of what I want to hear, and there are always clashes and compromises.  Unfortunately there are always a few speakers who fail to show up despite the best efforts of the organisers – today I was particularly unlucky and missed three presentations because of no-shows or rescheduling.

Despite the odd mishap it’s all immensely stimulating, and eye-opening.

There are very few Australians here, which is a pity.  The Australian industry would benefit from broader participation and the growth in knowledge that would bring.  I’m thinking for example of the 102 (!) papers on integrity management (ILI, defect assessment, repair, etc) that would be of interest to any pipeline operator.

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3 Responses to IPC – overview

  1. Susan Jaques says:

    Ah, the Calgary IPC. I presented a paper there in 2000 (comparing/contrasting the Australian vs Canadian pipeline industries), and was a reviewer/panel member in 2002. I attended in 2004 and 2006, and every 2 years try to find a way to attend however am not always successful.
    How accurate do you think the “International” title is? I thought it was pretty good – I remember meeting people from most parts of the globe, though it is obviously mostly North American-centric. Glad you got a chance to experience it.

    • petertuft says:

      IPC inevitably has a bit of North American bias but it is certainly international. Lots of people (and papers) from South America and Asia, also quite a few from the UK but not as many from continental Europe as I expected. There weren’t many of us from Australia – maybe 3-4 senior people, four young people sponsored by the Australian Gas Industry Trust (?) and I think three EPCRC researchers.

      It’s really eye-opening to see the different approaches to safety matters across the different parts of the world. We all face the same technical issues, but management of safety is highly influenced by culture and local historical development.

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