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What can augers do?

(I still intend to complete the series of posts on ALARP by making suggestions about estimating likelihood, but one or two other things first.) Almost any safety management study needs to consider the threat of pipe damage by augers, either vertical (for … Continue reading

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Grossly disproportionate

The last couple of posts have been on assessing whether a risk is ALARP.  The ALARP definition in AS 2885 includes the concept of “grossly disproportionate”.  Which means what? The UK HSE website is useful again, particularly this page, which … Continue reading

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Demonstrating ALARP

Continuing from the previous post … The formal AS 2885 definition of ALARP (Clause 1.5.3) says “ALARP means the cost of further risk reduction measures is grossly disproportionate to the benefit gained from the reduced risk that would result.” That … Continue reading

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In AS 2885 safety management studies the concept of ALARP used to be misunderstood fairly often (ALARP = As Low As Reasonably Practicable).  Some things ALARP is NOT: A risk rank (does it appear in the risk matrix?) The objective … Continue reading

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BP and safety culture

Interesting article here about accident-prone BP and claims that the company is setting itself up for another failure in Alaska.  The article might be a bit overblown, but BP does seem to outshine other large oil companies in its record … Continue reading

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Chinese oil spill and fire photos

An email with spectacular photos of a fire and oil spill in China is circulating around the industry (I’ve received it twice) but it doesn’t have any information on the incident. It actually happened back in mid-July.  The same set … Continue reading

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No-one is responsible …

Just came across this (original here): A day after portions of an under-construction parking lot caved in at the Subhash Maidan near Red Fort, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), on Sunday, said “no one in particular appears to be responsible for … Continue reading

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