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More on augers

When I wrote the previous post on auger damage I’d been remiss in not properly reading a report that had been sent to me some time earlier.  There was some very nice work done by the old Gas & Fuel … Continue reading

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San Bruno update

The US NTSB has released some further information on their investigation of the San Bruno disaster. It’s notable mostly for the causes of failure that it eliminates.  They appear to have ruled out external corrosion and excavation damage.  They don’t … Continue reading

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Postmodern engineering?

Several years ago I kept encountering references to postmodernism but it seemed to be a very slippery concept and I was unable to grasp what it meant.  So when the Sydney Uni continuing education program had a short lecture series … Continue reading

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Estimating failure frequency

Final (?) post in the series on ALARP … Estimating failure frequency is part of AS 2885 risk evaluation anyway, and finding some sort of quantitative estimate of frequency is also a necessary part of the maximum justified spend concept. … Continue reading

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