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I’ve been writing this blog for about 6 months now and I’m pretty pleased with the number of readers.  But I’d like to know more about who’s reading it, what interests you and how I can improve it.  I hope … Continue reading

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Where to put pipelines?

The NSW government has recently made statements relevant to the pipeline industry that appear to be politically motivated rather than based on dispassionate analysis.  (Even non-NSW residents are probably aware that there is a state election next week, and that the … Continue reading

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Approval is a somewhat fraught topic among regulators and people who write standards, but perhaps hardly on the radar of most practising engineers.  AS 2885.0-2008 has an apparently clear definition.  This is the entirety of Section 3: The concept of … Continue reading

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Emergency services, pipeline emergency

The US National Transportation Safety Board has been holding a few days of hearings into the San Bruno disaster.  One snippet from the hearings surprised me more than most.  The fire chief responsible for responding to the pipeline fire was … Continue reading

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More on strain ageing

A couple of updates after some offline inputs on the strain ageing post (maybe much more than a lot of you wanted to know, but perhaps of interest to some): Peter Mayes of Bredero Shaw (pipe coaters) provided the following: … Continue reading

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