Pipeline Engineer Training

I have a whole bunch of things that I want to write about but have hit an exceptionally busy patch in my day job and haven’t had time to write any new posts lately, and that’s not likely to improve for a while.  But one thing I can write about very quickly:

Over the past year or so APIA has been developing a pipeline engineer training program under the direction of Chris Harvey.  At the POG Seminar last week Chris spoke about the program and at one point asked for a show of hands from people who had heard of the program.  I was a bit shocked that maybe only 25% of the room responded because this is relevant to every engineer in the industry, whether you are just starting out or have been around for decades.  So, go to the Members Only section of the APIA web site, log in [1] and then select Pipeline Engineer Training Program.

There are two strands to the program:

  • A large set of pipeline engineer competencies
  • The APIA Guide to AS 2885

Both are works in progress, but are already at a stage where they contain a great deal of useful information.

I may write a bit more about this program in future, but meanwhile have a look for yourselves at what is there.

[1]  I’m assuming that pretty well everyone who reads this is a member of APIA or employed by a member of APIA.  If your employer is a member then someone in your organisation will have the login details.

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