Off air (temporarily)

I keep hoping to find time for a new post, but …

It’s been nearly four weeks since I last wrote.    A combination of heavy workload, travel and a family health issue (now under control but still time consuming) means that I haven’t had time for indulgences such as this blog.  I haven’t given up but it will be a while yet before normality returns.  I hope to resume regular posts in August.

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2 Responses to Off air (temporarily)

  1. Susan Jaques says:

    Hey Peter, look after yourself and all that is going on around you. We all appreciate your efforts here – and while you’re on hiatus maybe it’s up to those of us who read your entries, and those who lurk but don’t post (guilty), to keep the conversation going on the issues you’ve raised. Thanks again. Later. Susan.

  2. Jimmie Boylan. says:

    Hi does any body know of any companies hiring side boom operators with 30 years + expirience
    in stringing,pipe bending,front-end-welding setting in,tie-ins,fabrications crew,lower & lay,final tie-ins, etc,etc. fully certified operators all based in the united kingdom,and available please let me know.

    My email address,

    Regards Jimmie.

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