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Accident Investigations – more

The previous post received a comment from Adrian Amey which made me realise that I had not properly explained one of my key points.  So rather than just reply to the comment I thought I should write another post. There is in … Continue reading

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Accident Investigations

The release of the impressive NTSB report on the San Bruno disaster contrasts strongly with some other serious incidents, particularly the 2004 catastrophe in Belgium (24 deaths) and the 2008 Varanus Is failure ($3 billion economic cost claimed).  In neither case has … Continue reading

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San Bruno final report

Somehow I missed the release on 9 September of the NTSB final report on the San Bruno failure.  Anyway, it’s here.  Be warned that it’s a 9 MB download and 150 pages of solid reading.  Needless to say it’s very … Continue reading

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Safety Culture Research

It’s time I wrote a blatant plug for Research Program 4 of the Energy Pipelines CRC, for which I chair the steering committee.  RP4 is titled “Public Safety and Security of Supply”, but that doesn’t properly explain what it’s all … Continue reading

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Kenyan pipeline (?) tragedy

There are numerous media reports today of around 100 fatalities (and presumably many more serious injuries) that occurred when spilled fuel ignited in a Nairobi slum.  One report is here, numerous others can be found through Google, with this one … Continue reading

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San Bruno report from NTSB – organisational failure

The US  National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released a synopsis of its near-final report on the San Bruno pipeline failure of September 9 2010 in which eight people died and many more were injured.  Despite being a synopsis it’s … Continue reading

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SMS Forum Feedback

Thanks to all those who responded (I don’t propose to reply individually).  The good news is that there is certainly enough interest to progress this further.  I’ll keep you informed of developments, but whatever happens it’s unlikely to be until some … Continue reading

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