AS 2885 drafts

A couple of months ago I provided a summary of the status of updates to AS 2885.  The wheels of Standards Australia grind very slowly but a couple of weeks ago two drafts were released:

  • AS 2885.0 General Requirements – amendment
  • AS 2885.1 Design & Construction – revision (minor)

You can download the drafts (at no cost) by going to and searching for AS 2885.

Worth a look if you are interested in the forthcoming changes.  One of the most significant concerns approvals, requirements for which have changed significantly across the AS 2885 suite.  And of course, the code committee would welcome comments on the proposed changes although at this stage any further adjustment of the drafts will be limited to correction of errors rather than matters of substance (otherwise we might have to wait until 2013 for publication).  Comments close on 20 April.

The draft of AS 2885.3 (Operation and Maintenance) is still available (via the same link).  Comment closed long ago but the document might be of interest to those who attended (or will attend) the AS 2885.3 launch seminars that are being held around the country.  As noted in the previous post, it is a major re-write and I think a significant philosophical change that should be of interest to everyone involved in pipeline operations.

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