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Recruiting researchers

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I’m very keen on  the research into sociology of safety under the Energy Pipelines CRC.  That research program is looking for another PhD candidate who may (but … Continue reading

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Measurement length clarified

A post a couple of weeks ago on measurement length and “No Rupture” resulted in unexpected comment on how the measurement length is interpreted for determination of location classes.  The problem arises because AS 2885.1-2007 somehow omits a clear definition … Continue reading

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Near misses

The Australian pipeline industry can be proud that there has never been a death or serious injury caused by failure of an operating pipeline.  But that exemplary record can hang by a thread … The APIA/POG pipeline incident database has received … Continue reading

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NTSB findings on Enbridge Kalamazoo spill

Almost exactly 2 years ago there was a massive spill of crude oil from an Enbridge pipeline in Michigan.  Ultimately about 3 ML of oil (a good couple of Olympic pools) was released and entered the Kalamazoo River, with short-term health … Continue reading

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Beyond design basis

I have written a couple of times about the “controls fail” scenario in safety management studies (here and here).  It has sometimes been not well understood so the post promoted a bit of discussion, and it was also a topic … Continue reading

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Workshop decisions

I’m part way through reading Disastrous Decisions, Andrew Hopkins’ recent book on the Deepwater Horizon oil well disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  One chapter looks at why the people responsible for deciding that the well had been properly cemented did … Continue reading

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Measurement length and “No Rupture” pipelines

(The busyness has got to me again lately, with no posts for nearly 4 weeks – apologies.) Location classes in AS 2885 are based on the land use within the “measurement length”, defined as the distance at which the radiation … Continue reading

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