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IPC 2012

The 2012 International Pipeline Conference is coming to an end.  As usual there are about a dozen parallel tracks but I have spent almost the entire conference following the risk and reliability track (apart from a useful all-day tutorial on … Continue reading

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A little retrospection/introspection … I’m back at the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary.  This blog started exactly two years ago while I was at the last IPC in 2010, and in fact I’m writing this post from the same desk … Continue reading

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More on the new standards

My post late yesterday was a bit brief – I just wanted to get the news out. Congratulations and thanks are due to Phil Venton (chair of Standards Australia committee ME-038) for shepherding this complex suite of documents through the … Continue reading

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AS 2885 new revisions released

Today Standards Australia published the following long-awaited amended or revised Parts of AS 2885: Part 0  General requirements (amendment to 2008 revision) Part 1  Design and construction (nominally a new revision but it’s really just a large amendment to harmonise … Continue reading

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Vehicle impacts and pipeline facilities

By coincidence I have recently received photos of two separate incidents involving vehicle accidents at pipeline facilities.  No names, no pack drill, but I am grateful to the pipeline owners for permission to show these images and discuss the implications. … Continue reading

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Pipeline QRA (quantitative risk assessment)

Recently I had to review a quantitative risk assessment for a pipeline.  QRA is not much used for pipelines in Australia, apart from WA, so I only see such reports infrequently.  I am consistently underwhelmed by the approach taken and … Continue reading

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Risk-based design: normal and abnormal loads

Four weeks since my last post – apologies.  I blame an interacting combination of busyness, short holidays and temporary lack of inspiration. When do you consider a possible but improbable scenario as a design case (for which the design must … Continue reading

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