Joint Technical Meeting 2013

Perhaps everyone who needs to know is already aware of this, but just in case …

APIA is part of a tripartite research agreement with PRCI (mostly US) and EPRG (Europe).  Every two years there is a joint technical meeting at which recent pipeline research is presented and plans are made for further cooperative research.  I have previously written with enthusiasm about the last JTM in San Francisco in 2011.

The 2013 JTM will be in Sydney from 29 April to 3 May.  A total of 36 papers will be presented during the Technical Sessions on Tuesday to Thursday. Technical session themes will include Mechanical Damage, Welding and Inspection, Fracture Control, Corrosion, Ground Movement, Safety and Design, CO2 Pipelines and Design and Materials.  Linked to the Technical Sessions will be a series of individual workshops focusing on the research issues and priorities of the three organisations and developing plans to collaborate more effectively to achieve common objectives.

Attendance is open only to companies who are members of one of the three parties, which for Australians means membership of the APIA Research and Standards Committee.  However numbers are strictly limited so early registration is recommended.  If you are interested but haven’t heard about the JTM I suggest talking to your company’s RSC delegate.

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2 Responses to Joint Technical Meeting 2013

  1. Michael Malavazos says:

    Crying shame that such excellent forums are kept closed shop, does absolutely nothing to promote the latest knowledge across ALL stakeholders of this critical industry. It would be wonderful one day to see the doors of this inner sanctum open to the rest of us who have an interest in pipeline integrity!

  2. Well said Michael – from another who is outside the door but, in turn, has a critical interest in ensuring the safe and secure design, construction, operation and maintenance of pipelines in Australia’s most populous State.
    Peter Lansdown

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