Wide Bay Pipeline flood damage update

Below are couple of press releases from APA.  Sounds like a serious challenge.

1 February 2013

APA crews will commence permanent repair to the damaged pipeline on Sunday. A permanent repair is a significant task, offers considerable challenges and is expected to take some time. An estimate for the time required to complete the permanent repair will be better understood by Tuesday afternoon and APA will provide an update on progress at this time.

To expedite a limited supply of gas to critical customers, APA will also attempt to provide a temporary supply while the permanent repair is being undertaken. Should the temporary supply work be successful we hope to get critical customers back on line by Wednesday.

APA realises that the above time frames will mean ongoing inconvenience for natural gas customers in the region. APA wishes to assure customers that we are endeavouring to complete the work as quickly and as safely as possible.

APA will provide further updates as information comes to hand.

4 February 2013

APA crews have commenced work on the repair of the damaged gas pipeline across the Burnett River. The damaged section of the pipeline is below the waterline and is unable to be repaired. A permanent repair will now therefore require a complete replacement of the pipeline under the river. We anticipate that by Tuesday afternoon we will have a better understanding of the progress of the permanent repair and we will provide another update on Wednesday morning.

In addition to progressing the permanent repair, we have been investigating various temporary options that would potentially provide an interim supply of natural gas to a limited number of critical customers. The first of which was to insert the damaged pipeline with a smaller Poly Ethylene pipe. This has not been successful due to the significant damage of the existing pipeline.

We are now proceeding with the second option which involves the injection of natural gas into the network. In this option, LNG tankers will travel from Victoria to inject LNG into the existing gas supply network, thus potentially keeping gas supplies available to a limited number of critical customers until the permanent repair is completed. We expect to commence gas injection on Wednesday or Thursday this week.

We assure you of our best efforts to restore the supply of gas as soon as practicable and will continue to provide further updates as additional information comes to hand.

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