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Safety in Design

“Safety in Design” is a research project within the public safety program of the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre.  The focus is on public safety and the research involved interviews with a few dozen engineers from the design teams in … Continue reading

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Ignition frequency

Further to my last post where I made some assertions about the frequency of some failure consequences, there is particularly useful information available from European incident data.  EGIG is the European Gas pipeline Incident Group and as the name suggests … Continue reading

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“Hypothetical” frequency

In the AS 2885 risk matrix the five frequency levels are: Frequent – expected to occur once per year or more Occasional – may occur occasionally in the life of the pipeline Unlikely – unlikely to occur within the life … Continue reading

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Australian failure frequencies

I have previously made passing mention of historical Australian pipeline incident rates as an aid to estimating which frequency category to select from the risk matrix when doing a risk evaluation.  It seems worth briefly updating that in the light … Continue reading

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