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A Hierarchy of Good Intentions

Many parents will be at least vaguely aware of Piaget’s theory of moral development in children.  Kids up to about age 10 tend to think that right and wrong are defined by rules and punishment, regardless of context.  Older children … Continue reading

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San Bruno penalty

News today is that the California Public Utilities Commission are recommending PG&E be fined an eye-watering US$2.25 billion for its failings leading to the San Bruno disaster.  My initial reaction was to wonder how taking such a huge sum out … Continue reading

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Joint Technical Meeting – Pan & Zoom

This week has been the Joint Technical Meeting on pipeline research in Sydney, a wonderful conference run jointly by the APIA Research & Standards Committee, PRCI (pipeline research from mostly North America) and EPRC (European Pipeline Research Group).  The 36 papers … Continue reading

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