AS 2885 Part 1 Committee Invitation

Even though I am chair of the AS 2885 Part 1 committee I don’t propose to make frequent use of this blog for committee purposes.  However the message below needs wide distribution so for once I will use this blog as well as other industry channels.

It’s time for a full review of AS 2885 Part 1.  Although the 2012 edition of the standard was published less than a year ago it was not a comprehensive revision.  There are a number of known issues that need to be addressed and a detailed review will undoubtedly reveal more.

The technical review will be done by a working group constituted under the APIA Research and Standards Committee.  When the working group has agreed on recommended changes the responsibility for final editorial work on the Standard will be transferred to the Standards Australia ME-038-01 committee, although that committee will probably have the same membership as the RSC working group.  It is not essential for members of the working group to be employed by members of the RSC if they bring desirable expertise.

The working group must contain people whose expertise spans the full range of subject matter areas covered by the Standard.  To ensure long-term continuity it should also contain younger members in understudy roles as well as the more senior people.  Hence young engineers with a few years experience and a strong interest in continuing to develop their expertise are encouraged to apply.

Relevant subject matter areas can be identified by scanning Part 1 itself.  Particular areas where expertise is necessary include (but are not limited to) metallurgy and/or materials, fracture control, piping materials and design, stress analysis, corrosion, construction and hydrostatic testing.

Although AS 2885.1 is the Design & Construction part of the standard it has significant implications for pipeline operation.  Hence engineers with a background in operation are encouraged to participate.  Engineers with a construction background are also encouraged as this area has been under-represented in the past.

The working group offers an excellent opportunity for both young and senior engineers to further develop their expertise and to network with colleagues across the industry while making a significant contribution to the quality and safety of Australian pipelines.

The work can be very interesting but does require a serious commitment.  Members of the working group will be expected to attend meetings and to do significant technical review and drafting work between meetings.  Meetings may be for one to three days and may be required a few times per year.  Employer support is required for travel and for time to attend meetings, and possibly for time spent on work outside meetings.

To express interest, please contact me via the “About” link in the header above and include:

  • The subject matter areas in which you have have particular expertise or interest
  • Brief summary of your experience in each area (not more than a couple of paragraphs each)
  • For each subject matter area, whether you consider yourself fully competent or are seeking an understudy position (some mid-career people may be fully competent in some areas and suitable as understudies in others)

Closing date is Friday 19 July.  All expressions of interest will be considered but no-one is guaranteed a position on the working group.  It may be a few weeks after the closing date before the composition of the group is decided.

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