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Penetration resistance – existing pipelines

I’ve written before about penetration resistance and the B-factor as specified by AS 2885.1 Appendix M, but that post didn’t distinguish between design of a new pipeline and review of an existing line.  From time to time I see confusion in … Continue reading

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Road crossings and high design factor

The rules for allowable stress at road crossings are given in Clause 5.7.3(c) of AS 2885.1.  Recently I had an interesting query which illustrated a bit of a gap in these rules. Basically the combined equivalent stress should be calculated … Continue reading

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APIA Convention 2013

I’m at the APIA Convention, shortly before going to the closing dinner.  For those who are here or have been to Conventions in the past it needs no description.  For those who haven’t it is an amazing combination of conference, trade … Continue reading

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Temperature de-rating

Easing back into writing after a long period of zero inspiration has been helped by some advice from Phil Venton in response to a query he received about the temperature de-rating rules in AS 2885.1: I was going through the … Continue reading

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AS 2885.1 review status

Three months of writers’ block …      It has at least revealed that there is an almost unchanged stream of traffic to this blog even when nothing new is going on, which is gratifying in its own way. Back … Continue reading

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