AS 2885.1 review status

Three months of writers’ block …      It has at least revealed that there is an almost unchanged stream of traffic to this blog even when nothing new is going on, which is gratifying in its own way.

Back in June I invited expressions of interest for a working group to review AS 2885.1 in preparation for a submission to Standards Australia in support of the next revision.  That working group has now been constituted and had its first meeting last week.  I  don’t intend to fuel rumour by making premature comment on possible changes but it is worth reporting that the review process is now well under way.

The plan is broadly similar to the review undertaken for the 2007 revision.  A range of issue papers will be prepared.  When the working group is satisfied with each paper it will be circulated to the industry for wider feedback.  The scope is wide, from typographical errors to the underlying philosophy and everything in between.

If you have any burning concerns about the Standard, now is the time to raise them.  Get in touch with me via the “About” links above.  Errors, inconsistencies, imprecision, omissions, new information … we need to know about all of them.

People always want to know when the next revision will be published.  We have a rough program for the initial stages but it is too early to be precise about the end date.  Suffice to note that holding your breath for a couple of years is bad for your health.

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2 Responses to AS 2885.1 review status

  1. Brooke-Smith, Richard (Perth) says:

    Peter, not too sure how to reply to this but I would like to see more guidance in AS2885 on the old issue of low temperature blow down and venting. I am convinced this is not well understood by our designers especially when process engineers start running HYSIS etc and producing P&IDs with low temperature materials for vents. We have a compressor station in WA with a complete stainless steel vent system because it might get cold when it occasionally blows down. We have similar issues with pressurising and depressurising pipelines, so any additional attention to this area would be very helpful.

    Regards, Richard

    Richard Brooke-Smith
    Project Manager Pipelines,WA

    WorleyParsons Services Pty Ltd
    Level 2, 235 St Georges Tce,
    Perth, Western Australia 6000
    Tel: +61 (0) 8 9278 8223

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