Closure (?)

I get annoyed when I find an interesting blog that hasn’t been updated for months or years.  Hmmm.

My last post was in January 2014, over two years ago.  I just ran out of inspiration as unexpectedly as I found the inspiration to start.  A lesser factor is my role as chair of the AS 2885.1 committee which is working on a major revision of the Standard.  I did not want to appear to be pronouncing on matters that might be quite important to a revised AS 2885.1 but which are still unresolved (and Standards Australia has rules about that sort of thing).  And a gradual but accelerating transition to retirement is relevant too because I know I’m getting increasingly out of touch with the latest practices.

Since this blog still gets several hundred unique hits per month and has over 300 followers I thought I should (very belatedly) do you all the courtesy of a (probable) closing post.  I won’t rule out further entries but don’t hold your breath waiting.

I have been immensely gratified by the success of Pipelines Oz and its wide readership.  Despite being written very specifically for the Australian pipeline industry it gets a surprising number of hits from countries all over the world.  All that has greatly exceeded my expectations.

Thanks for reading!

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8 Responses to Closure (?)

  1. Mark Coates says:

    I do confess that I am one of the many readers still accessing this blog. I have noticed that we haven’t any new postings for an extended period of time – however other matters seem to arise which bring me back to here. A lot of the material posted here is still very useful for background reference and “why things were done this way”.
    I would like to thank you for this blog, and the benefits it has brought to me any my colleagues – especially when we could get into a “serious” blog discussion.

    (If only we could wrap these blogs up into a series of AS2885 companion papers.)


    Mark C.

  2. Chris Hughes says:

    The pipeline industry will be the worse for the loss of Pipelines Oz. The topics raised have always been relevant and have usually generated vigorous discussion. I may not always have agreed with your point of view but have always appreciated the chance to get opposing views discussed in a forum read by a large part of the industry.

    Have you considered passing the baton? I can think of several people who have sufficient experience and industry respect, who are not as close to retirement as you and I!

    All the best for your retirement, mate. Keep in touch – I’d like to think that our friendship will last past our working days.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for taking the leadership role you have in the Pipeline industry, you have certainly been a fantastic mentor for me over the years. Do enjoy your retirement.
    Best Regards
    Mark Harris

  4. Adam Langman says:

    Many thanks for your efforts Peter. Should you ever feel the need to write, be assured that we will read.

    Best regards,

    Adam Langman

  5. Hugh Driver says:

    Hi Peter
    I too dip into your blog from time to time for those nuggets of wisdom and I would hope that it can continue in one form or another. If you determined to retire; passing the baton sounds like a good idea. I have always appreciated your views and response to any queries that I have raised and while I had noticed a gap in your blogs I am sure if you were to get second wind it would be read by many appreciative of your viewpoint.
    Meanwhile thanks very much for your contributions to the industry.
    Best wishes and take care. Cheers Hugh (HDTS & Associates)

  6. Susan says:

    Hi Peter
    As the previous writers have said, we have been missing, and will continue to miss updates here. Yet even without updates, the information continues to be relevant and often referred to. Well done and thank you..

    I’d like to pursue a way to keep this alive; perhaps if not here directly, then in an offshoot blog that refers back here, or some such thing. Let’s discuss.
    Susan Jaques

  7. petertuft says:

    Thanks to all for the kind comments.

    I like the idea of a continuing blog on pipeline engineering as suggested by Chris and Susan. I’d like to retain ownership of this one but if there is anyone else who would like to pick up the baton and start a similar blog I would be more than happy to provide advice and to link from here so you start off with much the same readership.

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