Passing the baton

Although I’m not planning to add to this blog I’m delighted that Susan Jaques has started PipelinesOz 2 to continue its spirit.  She has already written a few posts (not just the one linked here) and I look forward to more.

Blogs are personal and Susan’s approach will be different to mine.  In particular she has made a subtle subtitle change:  mine was “Observations on Australian pipeline engineering” but hers is “Observations for the Australian pipeline industry“.

If you’ve been a follower of the original PipelinesOz you should sign up as a follower of PipelinesOz 2 to make sure you don’t miss any of it.  Read and enjoy (and learn)!

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2 Responses to Passing the baton

  1. Anonymous says:

    Peter I for one missed your blog.! I look forward to reading Susan’s comments . Always good to try to keep up with what’s happening in the OZ Pipeline world . They stopped sending me the magazine for some reason. I hope that you are keeping in good health. It was great to see a group of young Australian pipeliners at the IPC in Calgary last week
    Best wishes

    • petertuft says:

      Thanks Alan. I’m enjoying retirement, and also enjoying managing the revision of AS 2885 Part 1 which keeps me in touch with the industry but not to the same extent as actually working.

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