About me

I’m Peter Tuft – a one-man-band pipeline engineering consultant.

These days I’m involved almost exclusively in pipeline safety.  My bread and butter work is AS 2885 safety management studies (over 60 at last count).  But that has lead to a broader interest in all aspects of pipeline safety, from the underlying philosophical principles through to very technical matters such as resistance to damage and the consequences of failure.

Other hats I wear:

  • Member of ME38-1 (responsible for AS 2885.1)
  • Member of APIA Research & Standards Committee
  • Lead industry advisor for Research Program 4 (public safety and security of supply) under the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre
  • Custodian of the APIA/POG pipeline incident database

When I graduated I spent three years in slurry pipeline research, then three years responsible for maintenance of an inorganic chemical plant (terrific first-hand experience) then another three years in slurry pipeline R&D, none of which had much to do with transmission pipelines.

It was the next ten years working for the organisation variously known as WB-CMPS, CMPS and eventually CMPS&F that turned me into a pipeline engineer.  At the time it was the premier pipeline engineering firm in Australia (apologies to anyone who was in competition with us).  It had a great team of people and I benefited enormously from their experience.

In 1995 I needed a change and have been an independent consultant ever since.  Apart from all the safety management studies I’ve done everything from the nitty gritty of alignment sheet engineering, hydraulic modelling and pipe stress analysis up to design management for major pipeline projects.

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