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APIA Convention 2013

I’m at the APIA Convention, shortly before going to the closing dinner.  For those who are here or have been to Conventions in the past it needs no description.  For those who haven’t it is an amazing combination of conference, trade … Continue reading

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Joint Technical Meeting – Pan & Zoom

This week has been the Joint Technical Meeting on pipeline research in Sydney, a wonderful conference run jointly by the APIA Research & Standards Committee, PRCI (pipeline research from mostly North America) and EPRC (European Pipeline Research Group).  The 36 papers … Continue reading

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Joint Technical Meeting 2013

Perhaps everyone who needs to know is already aware of this, but just in case … APIA is part of a tripartite research agreement with PRCI (mostly US) and EPRG (Europe).  Every two years there is a joint technical meeting … Continue reading

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IPC 2012

The 2012 International Pipeline Conference is coming to an end.  As usual there are about a dozen parallel tracks but I have spent almost the entire conference following the risk and reliability track (apart from a useful all-day tutorial on … Continue reading

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SMS Benchmarking

Over the last three years, with the support of the APIA Research and Standards Committee and the Energy Pipelines CRC, I have been running a project to benchmark the AS 2885 safety management study process against other recognised methods of pipeline … Continue reading

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SMS Forum Registration

Registration for the SMS Facilitators’ Forum in Brisbane on 16 May is now open via the APIA website.  Numbers may be limited and there is no guarantee of places for late registrations – get in now if you want to … Continue reading

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SMS don’ts

Email today from a younger engineer: After sitting through another pipeline SMS over the last few days I thought of a possible entry for your Pipelines OZ blog. Every SMS has an individual feel to it based on the persons … Continue reading

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