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SMS preparation

The most prolific commenter on this blog is Chris Hughes of OSD who is passionate about good pipeline engineering.  Chris and I communicate regularly off-line as well, and he has offered the following for me to reproduce here.  I’ll add … Continue reading

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Penetration resistance – existing pipelines

I’ve written before about penetration resistance and the B-factor as specified by AS 2885.1 Appendix M, but that post didn’t distinguish between design of a new pipeline and review of an existing line.  From time to time I see confusion in … Continue reading

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Road crossings and high design factor

The rules for allowable stress at road crossings are given in Clause 5.7.3(c) of AS 2885.1.  Recently I had an interesting query which illustrated a bit of a gap in these rules. Basically the combined equivalent stress should be calculated … Continue reading

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Temperature de-rating

Easing back into writing after a long period of zero inspiration has been helped by some advice from Phil Venton in response to a query he received about the temperature de-rating rules in AS 2885.1: I was going through the … Continue reading

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What is a pipeline?

It was recently pointed out to me that AS 2885 does not have a definition of “pipeline”.  No-one has ever raised that before, perhaps because most of us think we know a pipeline when we see one regardless of any formal definition. … Continue reading

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Test pressure factor

Pipeline engineers are familiar with the requirement that the hydrostatic test pressure of a pipeline must be at least 1.25 times the MAOP – see AS 2885.1 Clause 4.5.4 and Equation 4.5.4(1).  What seems to be not so well known … Continue reading

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Safety in Design

“Safety in Design” is a research project within the public safety program of the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre.  The focus is on public safety and the research involved interviews with a few dozen engineers from the design teams in … Continue reading

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