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Passing the baton

Although I’m not planning to add to this blog I’m delighted that Susan Jaques has started PipelinesOz 2 to continue its spirit.  She has already written a few posts (not just the one linked here) and I look forward to more. Blogs … Continue reading

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Closure (?)

I get annoyed when I find an interesting blog that hasn’t been updated for months or years.  Hmmm. My last post was in January 2014, over two years ago.  I just ran out of inspiration as unexpectedly as I found … Continue reading

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Approval revisited

It’s quite a long time since I wrote about approval under AS 2885.  Since then the 2012 amendment to AS 2885.0 added considerable detail although the basic requirement that certain items must be approved by the “Licensee” remains unchanged.  Nevertheless there is still … Continue reading

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Road crossings and high design factor

The rules for allowable stress at road crossings are given in Clause 5.7.3(c) of AS 2885.1.  Recently I had an interesting query which illustrated a bit of a gap in these rules. Basically the combined equivalent stress should be calculated … Continue reading

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Arkansas failure cause

A couple of days ago US media reported interim results of investigation into the failure in Mayflower, Arkansas that I have mentioned previously here and here.  Quoting in full the statement send by ExxonMobil to media (with highlighting added): ExxonMobil … Continue reading

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A little retrospection/introspection … I’m back at the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary.  This blog started exactly two years ago while I was at the last IPC in 2010, and in fact I’m writing this post from the same desk … Continue reading

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Busy again

I’ve been quiet here lately – passing through another workload crisis, no time to post anything new or respond to comments for the last couple of weeks (apologies to those who have posted comments).  It’s unlikely to improve until Christmas … Continue reading

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