Reader survey

This page was originally a post published on 24 March 2011.  But it seems worth keeping it prominent in the hope that readers who haven’t yet done so will continue to provide feedback.

I’ve been writing this blog for about 6 months now and I’m pretty pleased with the number of readers.  But I’d like to know more about who’s reading it, what interests you and how I can improve it.  I hope you’ll be able to complete this survey for me – there are only half a dozen simple questions and it should take you less time than reading a regular blog post.  Thanks!

(Thanks to APIA for allowing me to use their SurveyMonkey account to run this questionnaire.)


One Response to Reader survey

  1. Philip B says:

    Regarding close calls. On a pipeline that I was working on recently the construction rules at all facilities (10) were that “No One” uses any tools until the site supervisor was on site and the morning tool box meeting was complete. However, a fencer thought that that was all BS, arrived at the site early with his auger and started putting in fence holes. Problem was that he couldn’t read the drawings AND removed the barrier fence around the ‘No Go’ area protecting the live transmission pipe. He managed to sink his hole directly above the CL of the live 24″ pipe. Fortunately the auger stopped about 300 mm short of the pipe. I’m an I & E Engineer so although I was not directly involved, I was witness to the initial panic and the following investigation.
    By the way, a great blog, thank you for making the time to write it.

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