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Unpiggable pipelines

A brief follow-up to my recent request for comment on the pipeline integrity issues that trouble Australian pipeline engineers.   My reason for asking was that I had been invited to co-chair a workshop at the JTM on pipeline integrity and wanted to … Continue reading

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Joint Technical Meeting

Apologies for the long silence.  After a couple of weeks away visiting family I spent last week in San Francisco at the Joint Technical Meeting of the international pipeline industry.  I feel that it’s important to report on this event, … Continue reading

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Pipeline Engineer Training – 2

Further to the previous post on this topic, Chris Harvey has provided an outline of the next phase of this project: Familiarising the membership with the Guide and the Competency Standards – largely through presentations Setting up a mechanism for … Continue reading

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Pipeline Integrity Issues

I’m under the impression that most Australian pipelines don’t have serious integrity issues.  There are one or two notable exceptions, and everyone has to keep a close eye on corrosion no matter how well-coated and well-protected their assets are, but … Continue reading

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