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San Bruno – organisational analysis

If you are in this industry you must be aware of the San Bruno failure in September 2010. The immediate causes are now well known.  Equally interesting is recent analysis of the underlying organisational failures in both the pipeline owner … Continue reading

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A Hierarchy of Good Intentions

Many parents will be at least vaguely aware of Piaget’s theory of moral development in children.  Kids up to about age 10 tend to think that right and wrong are defined by rules and punishment, regardless of context.  Older children … Continue reading

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Gaining wisdom

I have written on a few occasions in the past about how engineering is not absolute and requires a sensible attitude to rules, the ability to be comfortable with uncertainty and some degree of professional wisdom.  That was all just … Continue reading

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Test pressure factor

Pipeline engineers are familiar with the requirement that the hydrostatic test pressure of a pipeline must be at least 1.25 times the MAOP – see AS 2885.1 Clause 4.5.4 and Equation 4.5.4(1).  What seems to be not so well known … Continue reading

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Safety in Design

“Safety in Design” is a research project within the public safety program of the Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre.  The focus is on public safety and the research involved interviews with a few dozen engineers from the design teams in … Continue reading

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Joint Technical Meeting 2013

Perhaps everyone who needs to know is already aware of this, but just in case … APIA is part of a tripartite research agreement with PRCI (mostly US) and EPRG (Europe).  Every two years there is a joint technical meeting … Continue reading

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Measurement length – oil, LPG and CO2 pipelines

Received a good question the other day about the measurement length applicable to pipelines carrying oil, LPG or even CO2.  I’ve previously written a bit about measurement length here and here, but the emphasis was on gas pipelines. Radiation contours from … Continue reading

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